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Protect your vehicle’s paint from blemishes and damage while keeping it cleaner and shinier for longer with a ceramic coating applied by Dents In Or Out. Not only are we dent removal experts, but we are also certified ceramic coating installers. With our ceramic coating service, your vehicle’s exterior will be protected for years. With its hydrophobic and high gloss finish, rock chips, chemical blemishes, and UV fading are worries of the past. Contact us today for pricing and appointments!

Ceramic Coating Benefits


Hydrophobic - Repels Water


Shiny Gloss Finish


Weather Erosion Protection


Keeps Vehicle Cleaner, Longer


No Need For Waxing


Tree Sap Protection


UV Ray Protection


Cost Effective - Less Maintenance Required

Paint Correction

Is your vehicle looking a little lackluster or are you noticing marks that impact its overall look? Consider a paint correction service from Dents In Or Out. Remove swirl marks, imperfections, and light scratches with paint correction.

Paint correction is often a necessary step to complete before beginning the ceramic coating process. Without making sure the underlying paint is clean of scratches, rust, and other blemishes, a ceramic coating’s lifespan may be cut shorter.

We’ll help get your vehicle looking bright, shiny, and new again!

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Dents In Or Out is your premier PDR and Ceramic Coating Expert!